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City Gate Mall Singapore

Shop Space for Rent & Sale

If you are searching for the perfect shop space in Singapore, then you can simply invest in City Gate commercial property. This mixed development can provide plenty of benefits to business owners because there is a ready-made customer base in the area.

It is located in a convenient area where there are lots of people going about the place. It’s part of the busiest section of the country, specifically at an intersection between Jalan Sultan and Beach Road, which is a very important area of growth in the Ophir/Rochor in Central Area. It’s a place that is near many residential areas, so people can really flock to City Gate Shopping Mall easily and continuously.

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City Gate Shopping Mall Review

City Gate Shopping Mall has 29 restaurants and F&B outlets, 157 retail shops, 1 food court that measures 4,693 square feet and a Supermarket that measures 3,735 square feet. This is a three-level commercial podium that can offer its residents and Shoppers almost everything they need.

At level 2 City Gate Retail Mall, there is a Bridge that connects to Nicoll Highway MRT Station. The street frontage is 250 meters wide, with glass partitions that would boost the products that can be found within. With its amazing architecture design, it will definitely pull shoppers around its surrounding area.

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Why City Gate Mall is the Best Place to Set up a Business

You don’t have to doubt that City Gate Mall is an ideal place for people who would want to set up a business. Because of its superb location, it would be easier for you to acquire customers. With the residential space already sold, business owners can consider this as their target market. The convenience that the residents can experience when they will shop in City Gate Shopping Mall will provide business owners with continuous profit.

Aside from that, the shopping mall is also accessible because of the MRT stations near the condo namely Nicoll Highway MRT station and Lavender MRT and also to major expressways. This can easily attract shoppers to come and go to the mall every day.

Once you set up your business here, you not only get good deals on the Retail Shop but you can also attract huge crowds from the surrounding areas and make your business grow. This Shopping Mall will attracts office workers, Shoppers and tourists from nearby major city attractions like the Golden Mile Tower, Golden Sultan Plaza, Malay Heritage Center, The Concourse, Hotel 81, Textile Center, and Concourse Skyline etc.

People from Beach Road, Bugis and other neighboring areas will flock to this complex as it is filled with 157 commercial retail stores, 29 restaurants, 1 supermarket and 1 food court. This gives them plenty of options and ensures that they get anything they want and enjoy a bustling city life.

There are also a number of other food and beverage outlets. City Gate Mall also has 113 parking lots that have 3 loading bays. This commercial arena will leave the residents and people from surrounding areas spoilt for choice as they have a number of lifestyle and luxury options. There are also cultural and integrated arts options that will attract crowds from other residential complexes due to the high quality leisure on offer.

City Gate Mall is well secured and protected to ensure that your business and shops are safe at all times. It is a great area to invest in and attract more people to your business. That is the reason why already almost 80 per cent of the retail outlets here have already been sold.

There is something for everyone here and the unique lifestyle is something that will keep them entertained for hours.

Thus, this commercial arena is one of the best places for you to set up your business and make it into a more lucrative one. When you invest in this commercial space, you will attract a unique and vibrant crowd from the surrounding areas. The variety of options will ensure that they get everything they need.

2 Important Supply Line

City Gate Bridge direct link to Nicoll Highway MRT Station

Direct Link to Nicoll HighWay MRT Station

For a New Launch Condominium or Shopping Mall to be Successful, there must be a MRT Station nearby. It is because this will make commuting easy for the New Residents or shoppers and usually drive up the price of the Residential properties. Condominium that nearby to MRT Station is always very attractive for Home Buyers and Investors to invest. 

For Commercial, it will be great asset as it will bring huge human crowds to their Business.

At Level 2 City Gate Mall, there is a Overhead Sheltered Bridge that connects to Nicoll Highway MRT Station. The bridge is built for 3 reasons:

  1. To  make convenience for the residents living at City Gate
  2. To increase the number of foot traffic to the City Gate Mall
  3. To Connects to all Keys Areas of Singapore and access to the Mall easily 

City Gate Bridge is also known as “Money Link” Bridge.  As Traffic flow into the Mall, money follows.

Lavender MRT Station and ICA Building near City Gate Singapore Shopping Mall

ICA Building and Lavender MRT

Just 8 minutes’ walk from City Gate is the Lavender MRT Station. This MRT line is extremely important as it connect to many high population area in Singapore. It is also connect to Paya Lebar, Bugis junction and Raffles Place. This Station make it convenience for everyone to come here thus it will add more crowds to City Gate Mall.

Beside Lavender Station is the ICA Building (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority). This enormous building handles Singapore passports, permanent resident’s services, identity cards, issuing permits to foreigners, immigration, Citizen Registration (Birth and Death) and etc.

Every day thousands of people have to visit this place for registration, renewal, application and submission for their passports, identity Cards, permits, students’ passes and more.

Once City Gate Condo Completion, you can expects the Developer place advertisements and boards around that area to increase awareness of City Gate. This will definitely attracts this enormous crowds to the City Gate Shopping Mall and to your retail store.

City Gate Singapore Centre of Business and Leisure

Prime Location and Excellent Connectivity

The City Gate Mall is located at one of Singapore’s oldest and most vibrant roads, the Beach Road. People from all over the city flock here as it has a number of commercial buildings, shops, pubs, bars and attractions to keep everyone entertained for hours.

There will also be a number of tourists visiting the landmarks nearby and thus they will also visit the commercial complex to enjoy a good meal or shop here.

Its prime location at Beach Road ensures that there is always a crowd surrounding the area. Beach Road itself is a majorly dynamic urban area with a number of people. There is huge untapped potential here and this mixed development is touted to be one of Beach Road’s greatest upcoming changes.

The central business district is also very near to the City Gate Commercial Complex and has some of the biggest multinational corporations and businesses. Since it is so close to the central business district it is easy also to attract huge clients and High-heels customers from these big offices.

Orchard Road nearby also has a number of events throughout the year so there is always a huge crowd nearby. Thus it is an ideal place for any business to set up their shop and this includes both well-established businesses as well as startups.

City Gate Mall is connected to three expressways: the East Coast Expressway, the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway and the Marina Coastal Expressway. It is also well connected to the Nicoll Highway MRT and Lavender MRT. It is also just one stop away from the promenade and also provides direct access to Marina Bay. There are also direct buses to this Mall from any destination in the city. All these mode of transportation make it easy for anyone to come here.

Therefore it is one of the best newly launched commercial property in Singapore that not only has great potential for investments and profits but also has one of the most central locations and is well connected.

Why must invest in Commercial Property
Why investors should turn to Commercial Property?

City Gate Commercial Complex sells shop spaces that are treated or classified as “Commercial Property”. This makes them non-subject to the cooling measures stamped on other properties, save for the TDSR or the Total Debt Servicing Ratio, if the acquisition was done under the name of an individual, notably the purchaser.

Investors also turned their eyes to the market of commercial property because of the fact that it doesn’t have ABSD (Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty) and SSD (Seller’s Stamp Duty).

GST or the Goods and Services Tax is very much appropriate when it comes to the buying or a commercial property. But if a GST registered investor is responsible for the purchase, then they would be able to get it back in the course of the regular filing.

City Gate Singapore is a pool of opportunities and possibilities. Many investors come to it because it’s a practical, convenient, and ultimately easier way to manage a property. The process is laxer and more forgiving.

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City Gate Commercial Price and Floor Plan

City Gate Commercial Mall Consist of 3 Levels ( See Commercial Floor Plan )

City Gate Commercial Space Price start from $3000 to $6500 psf

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City Gate Commercial Space is touted one of the best commercial property investment in Beach Road area. Own one now and Don’t miss this lucrative investment opportunity.

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