City Gate Condo Facilities

One of the selling points of City Gate is its full condo facilities. These facilities can help residents relax and socialize without going out of the condo. Imagine that you can find these unique facilities in the middle of the city and for sure you will get interested in having a unit in the condo right away. You can experience the feeling of living in a paradise where almost everything that you need is just within your reach.

Beside breathtaking views, Convenient Shopping Mall and Superb location, City Gate Condo also offers its beloved residents 32 great facilities from pools, spa jets, pool bar, sun decks, playgrounds, casual dining areas, table games, outdoor decks, and a whole lot more. Wait there’s more; these are only facilities that can be located on the 6th storey plan.

There are also 18 more facilities being offered at the City Gate 24th storey area. From water terraces, communal outdoor gyms, floral sanctuaries, gymnasium, yoga decks, the communal sky pavilion and more pools. City Gate offers you a wide variety of ways you can enjoy your stay.

If you want more fun and excitement, city gate is close to top attractions in Singapore. (See Singapore Top Attractions)

Listed below are the facilities that residents can enjoy 

City Gate Condo Facilities Spa Cove

In conclusion, all of these are just part of the wonders you will experience with City Gate Dual Key.  The luxurious lifestyle and high-class facilities will surely be worth it whether you’re just rent to stay or own a Unit in the condo. These facilities exist because the customers are the main focus of the establishment.

City Gate Condo will always aim to please.

  • City Gate Condo has swimming pools that the whole family will enjoy especially during Hot Weather. Instead of going to the beach, you can simply head on to the swimming pool and refresh your body. No need to pack up your things and travel. There is a 40 meters outdoor swimming that you can find in the Grand Level. There are also sun decks and sun loungers by the pool. You can also enjoy the pool bar just between the spa jets and spa coves.

  • You can let your kids spend their time in the children’s play area while you are socializing with other residents. You can also play with your children to strengthen the relationship that you have with them. Besides, they also need quality time no matter how busy you are at work.

  • If you wanted to achieve peace of mind while doing simple stretches, then you can go to the yoga centre and do your pose.

  • There is also a gym inside the condo where people can do their regular exercise. Residents can therefore keep their body fit because they can always go to the gym after work.

  • Residents can also stay in the floral sanctuary to look at the beautiful flowers thus helping them uplift their moods. This can be a great place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

  • Families can go to the dining terrace where they can enjoy their foods while looking at the amazing views around the condo.

  • The Sky Terraces can be found in the 6th and 20th storey of the building.

  • On the 6th floor of the building are the leisure pods, reflexology garden, fitness area, dining terrace, and a hot stone grill.

  • There is the Sky Club, gourmet dining and teppanyaki grill, yoga deck, sky gym, and sky lounges on the 24th floor.

City Gate Facilities At 6th Floor

City Gate Condo All Facilities At 6th Storey Floor Plan

City Gate Facilities at 24th Floor

City Gate Condo All Facilities at 24th Storey Floor Plan
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A World Class Luxury Condominium With Amazing Facilities. 

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