Singapore Top Tourist Attractions Reviews Top Destination Guides

Singapore Top Tourist Attractions Reviews

Tourists arrived at Singapore has surge over the years. The numbers are huge, just last year 2016, 16 million has visited here. To ease the flow of the traffic, Changi Airport Terminal 4 was completed this year in 2017 and upcoming Terminal 5 will be completed in 2020.

With these Terminal Completion, it can handled up to 135 million passengers.

Questions: Why do they want to come here? What attracts them the most? Where are their Top Destination?

Here you will find all the answers. We will introduced all the Top attractions and destination around City Gate Singapore. Tips and Guides where to go first, places to explore with full details, Description, Photos, Video and images.

Because there are too many attractions, we will cover the best ones only. For your enjoyment and great memorable experience staying at Singapore.

So Let’s get Started.

Marina Bay Sands Amazing Light Show

Marina Bay Sands – Most Popular Destination

The Most Famous Marina Bay Sands is one of the top attractions nearby the City Gate Singapore. It is located just 2 MRT stops away. No further introduction needed as everyone knows that it is the No. 1 tourist spot and as well as locally alike.

You might wonder why?

This is because of its Casino. This world Class Casino is amazingly huge. It has more than 800 tables and 1,500 slot machines.

Aside from that, the combined resort also offers many other types of entertainment. It has a Shopping mall that has more than 300 shops and F&B outlets.

Other activities include two very huge theatres, a fun and cool skating rink, the unique Art Science Museum, two great floating Crystal pavilions and many other eminent diners.

Nestled at the top of this Complex is the 340 meters long Sky Park which is equipped with a rejuvenating 150 m infinity swimming pool.

From this area, you can be awed by the amazing view while swimming. This is the perfect place to have a get together with loved ones as well as snapping photos for remembrance.

Because of its charm, it is no surprise that this spot is always crowded by many tourists.

For over the years, Sky Park holds the title of world’s largest public cantilevered platform and also gained reputation for its longest elevated swimming pool.

Marina Bay Sands Casino Singapore

World Class Entertainment. Just Don’t Spend your money all in here.

Sky Park infinity Pool Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Sky Park Infinity Pool. Always Crowded.

Sky Park Amazing View On Top of Marina Bay Sands

Most Tourists Will Rush to here first to enjoy the Stunning Amazing Views around Singapore.

Gardens By the Bay Singapore Events

Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Singapore is known to be a “Garden City” where you can find different flowers and trees. One of the amazing attractions in Singapore is Gardens by the Bay. This is a wonderful nature park that measures around 101 hectares where you can find in the central part of Singapore. There are three waterfront gardens in the park that include the South Garden, East Garden and Central Garden,.

The largest amazing garden of the park is the Bay South Garden that is 54 hectares in size.

The Gardens by the Bay is a strategy of the Singapore government to transform the country into a “City in a Garden” as well to improve the greenery and flora of the country. You can find the largest glass greenhouse inside the park as well as a flower dome that measures 1.28 hectares. You will not only appreciate the variety of flowers and trees in the park but you will also appreciate the effort that they have exerted in creating such exquisite attraction in the city.

You will surely notice the Supertrees wherein eleven of these trees have sustainable features while others are capable of capturing solar energy with the use of photovoltaic cells. Some of the trees also have air exhaust channels for conservatory purposes. As a matter of fact, there are two conservatories in the Gardens by the Bay with glass biomes and also replicate the climates of Tropical Montane and Mediterranean.

Aside from the Supertrees, you will also see the Kingfisher Lake and the Dragonfly Lake that supply water in the gardens and also to the aquatic life. The Gardens by the Bay is awarded Green Mark for Buildings and Green Mark for Non-Buildings. People will not only appreciate the views that they can see in Gardens by the Bay but this will also educate them how important it is to preserve nature.

Sentosa Merlion Singapore

Sentosa Attractions

When looking for the perfect spot in Singapore where you can enjoy numerous attractions without spending time traveling from one place to another, then you can simply head on to Sentosa Island. It is known as the leading island resort getaway in Singapore and also the top leisure destination in Asia. The island resort is managed by Sentosa Development Corporation that owns the cable car service provider, Mount Faber Leisure Group.

It measures around 500 hectares where you can find a range of themed attractions, beaches, resorts, spa, golf course, and a whole lot more. This island resort is not only for fun but it can also be an ideal place for business. So if you still don’t have an idea about the attractions available in Sentosa, then listed below are just some of the popular places that you should not miss.

Sentosa Casino Resort World Singapore Best Entertainment

Resorts World Casino Sentosa

The Resorts World Casino in Sentosa is owned and managed by Genting Group, the largest and also the older gaming operator in Asia. People can play casino games here 24 hours a day with a guarantee of obtaining incomparable privileges for customers. The casino can provide you entertainment where you can also satisfy your palette.

Resorts World Casino is located beneath the Crockfords Tower which is restricted to 15,000 square meters. Citizens and permanent residents of Singapore are required by the government to buy a day pass worth S$100 or a yearly membership of S$2,000 for them to play in the casino. On the other hand, for overseas citizens, they can enter the casino for free as long as they have with them their passport or employment pass. The fees collected from the casino will be used for public and charity purposes without keeping a portion for the casino.

Skyline Luge Singapore Most Fun Activities

This Should your Number 1 Stop. Why? Its Fun, this place is very popular.

Skyline Luge Riders Riding Down

Ready, Get Set, Go

Skyline Luge 2 ways Jungle Trail or Dragon Trail

You Left, I Right. Jungle Trail or Dragon Trail

Skyline Luge Express Queue on Top

Buy Express Pass, cause the waiting Time is shorter

Skyline Luge Long Queue

Normal ticket Queue is Very long. Waiting time can be 30 mins to 1 hour long

Skyline Luge Sentosa

Most tourist will come to Skyline Luge first cause they find it the most enjoyable experience. Indeed, this place is always pack from morning to night every day. Just like they said, once is never enough. Recommend to buy at least 3 rides plus express pass to really satisfy your enjoyment.

There are 2 tracks for you to choose: Jungle trail or Dragon trail, try both of them. Now race down with your friends or family at your own pace.

Once reach the end point, take the Skyride up to the Top again and at the same time enjoy the amazing stunning view around.

Most Tourist Don’t Know: Buy Express Pass to enjoy your Ride. Waiting time too long can kill the fun. It ONLY cost $12 more.
Skyline Luge Express Queue Below

Once you ride down, go to here. Not the other gate.

Sky Ride to the top again

Then take the Skyride to the Top again

Skyline Luge New Construction

Due to Popularity, they are building another one.

Peacock on Top of toliet

Peacock on top of toilet. Hello peacock, show me your beautiful wings.

Tiger Sky Tower Singapore Sentosa Attraction

Tiger Sky Tower

The tallest observatory tower in Singapore is the Tiger Sky Tower that is around 131 meters above sea level. It is an air-conditioned cabin where people can enjoy the amazing views in Sentosa as well as in Southern Island, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

You will surely feel amazed with the views day and night, which is at the center of the Sentosa Island in Imbiah Lookout zone. It is 110 meters high that can accommodate 72 individuals. It weighs 200 metric tonnes that looks like a large disc. The cabin is surrounded by glass windows while it slowly revolves to offer the entire view of the island.

Tiger Sky Tower is just across Skyline Luge.

MegaZip Singapore Top Tower

The Most thrilling experience at Sentosa. This One must try and cannot miss. How you Zip down is up to you.

Mega Zip: Experience the Thrilling Ride

Mega Zip Singapore is known to be the steepest zip wire in Southeast Asia that spans around 450 meters. It lets you fly at 60 kilometers per hour where you can clearly see the beaches and the jungle on the island.

You can experience an adrenaline rush that makes you fly like an eagle. You don’t need to have wings to fly because all you have to do is to ride the Mega Zip in Sentosa. You can race with your family and friends and this is also a good way for you to beat your fear of height.

You will pass through the Imbiah Hill going to the white sand of Siloso Beach.

Sea Aquarium Singapore

Sea Aquarium Singapore Wonder. Amazing Wonderful Sea Creatures, You will fall in Love here. Guaranteed

S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore

For those who are interested in the maritime heritage in Asia, then the right place for them to go is the S.E.A. Aquarium. You can explore the marine territory of the Aquarium where you can find more than 800 species of animals that live in 49 habitats. Each habitat is different from the others that can offer you an unforgettable experience.

This is your chance to see what underwater looks like and observe how each animal species behaves. The species are grouped in different zones and swim in 45 million liters of water. The main attraction of the aquarium is the humongous area where you can experience staying in a cavernous floor in the ocean. Just sit and stare at the glass panels to see how the creatures move.

Singapore Sea Aquarium Sharks Above you

Beware! Sharks above you

Sea Aquarium Singapore Grand View Rest area

You can rest here and at the same time enjoy the Grand View

Sea Aquarium Singapore When is the Feeding Time

When is the Feeding Time?

Singapore’s Crane Dance

The crane dance is something that you have to watch out for when going to Sentosa. It shows how the mechanical cranes express their love like they are real birds. The crane dance is a combination of top quality audio and visual effects with surprising lights. You will see how the cranes move in the middle of a water illusion while playing the light.

It is known as the world’s biggest animatronic show. The two cranes are made up of steel that are around 30 meters high. The blue and the pink crane fall in love with each other and people can watch the show for 10 minutes. Everyone can have the chance to watch the Crane Dance every night for free near the Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Universal Studio Singapore at Sentosa

Universal Studios Singapore

If you just can’t get enough of television series and blockbuster movies, then for sure you will love to experience the rides and movies at Universal Studios Singapore. Universal Studios is the first theme park in Southeast Asia while it is second for the entire Asia. It measures around 20 hectares that offer people 24 attractions. There are seven themed zones in the park enclosing a lagoon.

You will notice that each zone represents a certain movie or TV show with an exclusive design, character appearances, as well as shopping and dining areas.

Universal Studios Singapore has more than 30 restaurants and food carts and you can also find retail stores.

The seven themes zones in Universal Studios include Hollywood, New York, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, The Lost World, Madagascar, and Far Far Away.

For this one, you need to plan your day trip carefully. Cause there are Great Shows with different timing.
Hollywood Dream Parade Sat & Sun at 5 pm. Spectacular fireworks display at 8 pm.
Which Ride to go first: Battlestar Galactica roller coaster, Transformer, Canopy Flyer, Rapids Adventure
Universal Studio Singapore Parade

Universal Studios Singapore Parade. Sat & Sun 5 pm.

Universal Studio Singapore Shrek superstar

“Shrek” Movie Superstar

Universal Studio Singapore Variety Rides

Lots of Rides

Kampong Glam Tourists Attractions

Kampong Glam – A cultural and modern combo that lures tourists in crowds

If you walk across which is situated just opposite of the City Gate Singapore is none other than the well-known attraction of Kampong Glam. This Kampong or in English it translates to the word village, is blessed with abundance of history, modern style, and genuine culture. It represents the perfect epitome of the Malay culture.

With its vibrant and energetic ambiance, it is a no-brainer that it is a very famous tourist attraction in Singapore. Formerly, this spot was just a small fishing village where fishermen built ships for a living. As the years passed, it emerges as a glamorous centre that is a combination of the ancient and the current. This superbly chic place has a variety of landmarks to be explored. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1) Sultan Mosque

This mosque was built for the first Sultan of Singapore namely Sultan Hussein Shah dated back in the year 1824. This significant mosque is the core point for the Muslim society in Singapore. It plays a vital role of offering spiritual insights into the community.

It possesses a splendid structure which has a very big prayer hall and large golden domes. In 1975, it was declared by the government of Singapore as a National Monument. The history and surroundings can best be immersed with the informative guided tours. They provide guides who are able to converse in Chinese, Japanese, Malay, and English. One of the other main attractions that are appealing to the tourist here is the night market and food stalls, especially during the Ramadan.

Kampong Glam Photo 3

Kampong Glam area is Huge, lots of things to see. Take your time to Explore!

2) Delicious delights

Located just nearby the spectacular sites are many inviting eateries and they are very famous among the tourists too. One of the famous foods is Nasi Padang which is a dish of steamed rice that has varieties of other dishes or the Malays call it as “Lauk” to complement the rice.

Other foods include Malay “kuih” or cakes, various Swedish, Japanese, Middle East as well as Mexican delights. This is a place where one can enjoy many delicacies.

3) Shoppers stop

Next, let us take a look at the Haji Lane. This is a vibrant and very colorful shopping vicinity. It has multi-label shops such as threadbare & Squirrel, charming little boutiques such as Maison Ikkoku, cafes, bistros, and hip bars. For those who are in search of ethnic diversities, one can have the opt to buy the Kebaya dress, Persian carpets as well as aromatic perfumes.

Talking about perfumes, the Bussorah Street and Arab Street are extremely prominent for their handmade perfumes, shower creams, body soap, and massage oils. As for the Royal Fabrics store, it exhibits a gorgeous collection of Malays and Indonesian fabrics that showcase sophisticated dye patterns and style.

The alluring glimpse of antiquity combined perfectly with modern trendy lifestyle stores makes Kampong Glam a marvelous delight to visitors looking to absorb and be immersed in unique the Malay culture.

Singapore National Stadium Soccer Events
Singapore Sports Hub and indoor Stadium

If you are an active person and enjoy outdoor activities, you will very happy to know that the City Gate Singapore is very near to Singapore Sports Hub. The Sports Hub offers fun entertainment and sporting activities for everyone to enjoy.

Throughout the year, the National Stadium and indoor stadium host many entertainments and sports events. This massive structure has many sports amenities for you and your family to enjoy such as the OCBC Arena, A Water Sports Centre, Kallang Wave Mall, Splash-N-Surf, OCBC Aquatic Centre and much more.

The Sports Hub is only 1 Mrt ride from City Gate Singapore.

Water Sports Jet Ski
Water Sports Kayaking
Water Sports Jet Pack
Water Sports Swimming
Kallang Riverside Park
Kallang Riverside Park – Revel in the Beauty of Nature

As stated, the Kallang Riverside Park is just a few minutes away from the City Gate Singapore. This particular park possesses 7 hectares long and it is impeccable for picnics by the waterside. One can enjoy activities like cycling, jogging or just have a brisk walk here.

Keeping fit now can be part of your lifestyle as it is just one step away from your residence. If you want to enjoy just a relaxing stroll after a long day at work, you can go to the nearby parks such as East Coast Park, Esplanade Park, and the Fort Canning Park.

Shopping Paradise living in City Gate Singapore Condo
Shopping Paradise

If you love shopping, you can easily find whatever it is that you need here. There are many retail outlets and Mega malls which are located nearby such as the Suntec City, Bugis Junction, Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Marina Bay Shopping Mall, as well as the Orchard Road Shopping area.

If you are not really into big malls, you can shop at the smaller malls, for instance, the Sultan Plaza, the Textile Centre, The Concourse Shopping Mall and also the well-known Golden Mile Complex.

All of these are just minutes away from the City Gate Singapore.

You can definitely keep yourself busy for many hours and just enjoy the beauty of shopping and perhaps bargaining.

Events all year round!

Since the City Gate Singapore is located just a few minutes away from the famous Orchard Road, then, you are up for a treat. A gala time for you indeed. All year long, Major events are happening at the famous Orchard Road.

Festivals like Christmas celebrations, pedestrian nights, Jazz fests and much more are usually celebrated here. Roaming around this street at night would give you the chance to experience the magical and enjoyment of the city and its cultural life in full blossom.

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