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City Gate Condo TOP Date at 2019

City Gate Dual Key Condo Review

City Gate Dual Key Condo is without any doubt one of the most extraordinary new launches in the Singapore. It provides spectacular experiences of an urban lifestyle which are combined with the perfect World Class extravagance.

Situated strategically at the junction of Beach Road and Jalan Sultan Singapore, this magnificent condominium is surrounded with nearby attractions which are located just within distance.

This Mixed Development itself is equipped with a total of 311 residential units and 188 Retail shops.

As of now, all residential units have already been sold in a breeze ever since it was launched in the market.

Perhaps you are wondering why this newly launched condominium is very popular among Home buyers and investors.

Just within 3 years, the residential units has been selling so fast simply because the whole design, architecture, splendid viewpoints, luxurious amenities, World class facilities, perfect location as well as superior maintenance by the Development.

Those are not all that this dual key condo has. It also has shops, food courts, supermarket, and restaurants just below the condominium. It is very convenient for the residents as well as it opens up doors for more business opportunities.

With City Gate Condo Singapore, the prospects of life and business are endless. Due to the location is within major attractions, it opens up doors for good investment option as the value will keep on increasing.

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Why investors Love City Gate Dual Key Condo

Why Investors Love City Gate Dual Key Condo?

Well, from the central location to its amazing connectivity as well as easy access from each corner, the City Gate dual key has more than just one reason to convince investors on buying a luxurious place to live in.

Whatever you want or need is within reach and it can be a walking distance, a few MRT ride or just a quick drive in short minutes. All the major attractions, as well as shops, are conveniently near to each other as well as to the condominium.

The main advantage of the location is that it is situated strategically at the renowned Beach Road, thus, if you are feeling bored and refuse to call it a night, you can just simply go out because there will still many operating bars, pubs, shops and diners where you can spend the night away. Just choose your spot, and you are good to go!

Breathtaking View at City Gate Top

At City Gate Condo Top area, one can really enjoy remarkable sea views of the Kallang Basin on the Eastern and Southern sides which gives a hypnotic experience for its residents. If you are at the centre, it would give you the chance of immersing yourself in the nature and the urban and modern life on the Sky Park Views.

As the development evolves, this particular feature of the city would be distinctive as it will continuously entice more investors with its rare and, of course, world class facilities. It is also not only limited to being a residential tower, as it also has a dining platform where one can really savour exclusive and luxurious cuisines.

City Gate Condo development really focuses on giving their residents larger residential complete with spectacular entertainment choices that are just located within the vicinity. To make it short, it is a convenience at all level, at its very best.

City Gate Condo Top Amazing View
City Gate Condo Shopping Paradise Everywhere Mega Malls or Retail outlets
When Comes to Shopping & Dining, You Will Be Spoilt for Choices
City Gate Condo Ultimate Conveniences Everything within Reach

The Beauty of World Class City Living

In City Gate Condo Singapore, you would be able to experience the Beauty of World Class City Living. Why? This is simply because from dawn to dusk, the excitement around the vicinity is endless. There are always major activities, attractions, and events taking place.

Everyday life won’t be so mundane anymore because there are so many fun and exciting activities to be involved in. Great places are ready for you to explore.

To the shopaholic out there, you would always have easy access to shopping paradise.

For avid eaters, dining places are easily reached. And those who are into entertainment, your interest has also been considered thoroughly. All of these will leave you in awe because they are very near to each other either, by just a walking distance, by MRT or by car.

City Gate Dual Key New Launch Singapore

City Gate Dual Key Units for Resale

City Gate residential units have all sold out by 2017. City Gate Top Date will be around 2019. Most of the apartments are made up of Dual Key Units, total of 218 out of 311. It’s not hard to see why City Gate Condo is up for resale again as there are many inquiries from Buyers and investors. Many are eager to buy and own a dual key unit in this Amazing Condominium.

There are total of 174, 2-bedroom Dual key units and (44) 3-bedroom Dual key units to choose from.

Perhaps you might wonder what is a “Dual key Condo Unit”

The Dual Key condo units are apartments or condominiums that possess two separate living spaces. Usually, it has two or three bedrooms and it also comes with an attached studio unit or an alternative of a one-bedroom apartment.

Mostly, these types of properties are found in private as well as the executive condominiums. Other terms to call the dual key condo are; the dual key apartment, inter-generation, 2 in 1, or multi-generation layout.

By having two apartments built under one roof that shares the same lobby, this is the main characteristic of a dual key condo which really captures the interest of property hunters in Singapore. Both condominiums and apartments have their own separate sets of keys and are furnished conveniently with their own bathrooms and kitchens.

Dual Key 101 Dual Key investment advantages versatility and rental income

Dual Key Condo – Best Investment in Property Market

The main reason why dual key units are gaining popularity among everyone, is that they offer a passive income, and who doesn’t want more money right?

There are many people who are put off by the substantial mortgage payments they might incur if the decide to live in Condos, but in dual key units, those payments would be absorbed if they rent the adjoining unit.

This means they can enjoy all the luxuries that come with living in these types of luxury properties also they will enjoy the convenience these properties offer, and the best part is that the substantial payments they have to make can come out of the renting of the other unit.

Another great selling point that dual key units offer is their privacy, we all would like extra money, but not so much if it would involve us losing our privacy, but with these units the homeowner can continue to enjoy the same level of privacy while having a passive income.

Plus, by living next door to your own tenant, it is easy to maintain as well as monitor the property. Target rental audience for such property types would be Expats working near central business district or students who prefer to live very near to their schools and transportation facilities.

Because of City Gate Superb location, this dual key condo can easily be rented out to expats and students or any target market. These are reasons why buyers want to purchase this good rental property for an investment.

Advantages and Versatility of Owning Dual Key Units

Dual Key Unit is versatile in many ways, especially in its form and function. Home owners found many usages in dual key unit and its advantages. Below is the list of them.

  • Pay Only 1 Stamp Duty. The Best advantage when purchasing a Dual Key Condo is that, the buyer will be able to save a lot as he or she needs only to actually pay one BSD. What is BSD? It is the acronym for Buyer’s Stamp Duty. And of course, the buyer will be getting 2 separate adjoined units. If buyer bought 2 apartments, he or she has to pay ABSD charges which is 7% for the 2nd apartment. 

  • The Power of Dual Key Rental income. By owning 2 units, the income when rented out is greater than typical 2-bedroom apartment. With continuously earning passive income, you can own multiple units in no time. This is the reason why investors are crazy about them. 

  • For Storage. Some people use these types of units for storage either for themselves or for others

  • Convert to Office. Others will use the space for an office and although all regular fees to converting your home to an office still apply, they still save time, money, energy and has many benefits.

  • Everyone loves to rent dual key unit. There is never a shortage of people needing to rent a dual key unit since they usually offer great convenience by being close, to where they either study, or work, and also by offering them privacy it makes rental of these unit easy.

  • Living and Earning. Most of them will choose to live in the Condo they bought and rent out the other unit. In this way, they enjoy luxury living and at the same time earn passive income

The bottom line is that Dual Key Units are the best option for investment since they offer many advantages over other types of units, it also offers passive income making it a perfect choice for any business savvy homeowner that wants to make extra cash.

City Gate Dual Key Condo Units for Resale and Rent
Why You Should Rent at City Gate Singapore Condo

If you are looking for a condo to rent, a comfortable place to live in with excellent location and connectivity. Then stop searching, City Gate Singapore Condo is your Perfect Choice.

City Gate Dual Key Mixed Development is a Dream Place to live in for everyone. It has everything you need and everything you want. Full of entertainment and activities that you will never get bore.

Below are the reasons Why people choose to stay in City Gate Condo and what you can expect from this luxury condominium.

  • You will enjoy the convenience of living in City Gate.

    You can simply park your car behind. Everything you need just press 1 button. Tenants no longer have to go out of the condo just to shop for their needs because the condo already has its own Shopping mall. As a matter of fact, it also has a food court, shops, F&B outlets, and restaurants below thus saving them time, money, and effort.

  • City Gate Condo is near office space and other amenities in Singapore.

    Working will no longer be that stressful because there is no need for you to travel from afar. City Gate condo is near the Central Business District and also to the future developments in Marina Bay. Aside from that, City Gate is also close to Mega malls, top schools, Shops, trains stations, parks, and bus stops.

  • The condo is accessible because it is near to 2 MRT lines.

    City Gate Condo is just 5 minutes’ walk away from the Nicoll Highway MRT Station that serves the important train line in Singapore which is the Circle Line. It is also near the Lavender MRT station that provides convenience to people who wanted to go shopping or to any parts of the country.

  • City Gate Condo also offers Dual Key Units

    Instead of sharing the room with other tenants, you can go for a dual key unit that can provide you the space and privacy you need. This type of unit has two separate living spaces that share a single title. Many people love this type of unit because it is very flexible and can provide private space. City Gate dual key units comes with its own kitchen, toilet and bedroom.

  • City Gate provides world class facilities.

    Another key point why people should rent in City Gate is the luxury facilities that are available for them to enjoy. These include the yoga centre, swimming pools, children’s play area, reflexology centre, Jacuzzi, gym, gourmet dining, and much more. Residents can enjoy staying in the dining terrace for an unforgettable dining experience. Aside from that, residents from the penthouse can also enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea every day that can be a great way to start the morning. They can also look at the Singapore skyline and watch how bright the city is at night and how lively it is.

  • Beach Road is just outside the condo.

    Renting a room in City Gate Condo will provide you ultimate attractions within the area that everyone dreams of. It is one of the oldest roads in the country that faces the sea. As of now, beach Road was already transformed into a busy commercial area where you can find offices, retail shops, bars, cafe, nightclub and more. There are many things to see, to do and areas to explore.

  • City Gate is surrounded with plenty of Attractions.

    Aside from easy accessibility, people will also enjoy the amenities that surround the condo. These include the Kallang Riverside, Sports Hub, Garden of the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Marina Square, and also to reputable schools in Singapore. You don’t have to travel from afar because the condo is well connected to these popular places that will not only provide you convenience but can also make you feel relaxed.

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